Jane Mitchell

Square Quilts
“There are two methods to making a quilt. You can either follow a pattern or you can make an improv quilt. Improv quilts are essentially designed as you go producing art that is both free and unique in its design. Each quilter has their own style and method.”, explains Jane.

A degree in the History of Art & Design marked the start of a love affair with fabrics and textiles and is the foundation of Jane’s quilting journey. Each quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted and Jane’s intention is that each quilt stays with its owner for life.

Jane uses this technique to make one-off baby quilts, summer quilts, bed quilts, christening quilts and wedding quilts. She also makes personalised memory quilts made from fabric or clothing that has a specific sentimental value to the owner and she sources vintage fabrics from second hand markets to create unique pieces.

Originally from the UK, Jane lived and worked in Cairo for 8 years before moving to Spain in 2003. She has a PhD in Egyptian Cinema from SOAS, University of London and is Associate Director of MumAbroad, an online community for English speaking families living in Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Jane lives on the Maresme coast with her 3 children and cat, Morris.