Silvia Sanchez

Holistic health coach and feather accessories designer
“We’ve forgotten we all have an innate ability to heal, if allowed to do so, and that nature is our best medicine cabinet. We are wonderful multi-dimensional beings and so we need to remember how to go beyond the physical to heal, to thrive and to live a life of creation, instead of a live of survival. Holistic Health is all about empowering oneself to live a live that feels purposeful, joyful and connected.”

Silvia is a trained Holistic Health Coach. She views health as a balance of our 5 basic bodies: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual, an alchemy of sorts to channel the life energy that makes us thrive.

She started on this path after her struggles with her own health and has studied and trained in nutrition, naturopathy, wellness coaching, Reiki and shamanic journeying and counselling. She likes to work with people in a highly bespoke manner, understanding their health needs and struggles and creating health plans that are realistic and encouraging, so each person’s health journey leads to the transformation they’re seeking to achieve.

Silvia is also a creative at heart. She has always liked making things and so she started playing around with feathers, crystal and driftwood to make feather smudge wands she could use during her ritual work.

Playing around with feathers made her think of the beautiful feather earrings she herself liked to wear and decided to give it a go, and a new hobby was born! Whenever she’s not making smoothies, creating a detox plan or doing shamanic work, she’s at her studio crafting smudge wands and earrings.