Helen M Tate

Artist & Sculptor
‘I create these pieces trying to form a story of calm, protection, hope and dreams’

Helen Tate’s artwork is an expression of stories she finds in words, music and above all in nature, the environment that is always changing, seasons, the time of day, drastic skies, wind that blows, stormy seas. The shifting between the seasons and seeing nature change in front of us can be, and most of the time is a very beautiful occurrence. Helen is Swedish-born and has lived in Amsterdam, Vienna and Isle of Man. She now resides in mountains of Maresme with her husband, two children and dogs. The mediums she uses depends on the idea and feeling she is trying to create, and more recently she been working on abstract art with weaving details and cyanotype printing. Ceramics is also a very big interest of hers where she tries to let the clay talk more than trying to shape it to a clean form. That said, one of her inspirations is all the imperfections in life, also called wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic, where a famous quote goes:
‘The way of wabi sabi is to find profound beauty in imperfection, and to accept the impermanence of life’

A quote that is very close to her heart both in life and in her creativity.