Charlotte MacDonald

Oil painting
“As a child I spent many hours doodling and drawing characters from the Beano comic. Being brought up in the damp Highlands of Scotland, there wasn´t always the chance for outdoor play, so many rainy days were spent inside painting, drawing and making things.I really enjoy expressing myself through my artwork and I hope that I can continue painting for just as long as the wonderful, and truly inspirational ladies in my art group in Cabrils!”

Charlotte was born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland. She moved to Barcelona in 1997 after graduating in Psychology and Sociology.
Having always been passionate about art, she joined the local art group in Cabrils in 2005 where she was able to develop her painting skills under the expert eye of her teacher Magda Ginesta.

Charlotte lives in Cabrils with her husband, two boys and their Mini Schnauzer, Juno. In 2014 they moved to Florida to establish the American branch of their family business. After 5 successful years, they moved back to Cabrils in 2019.
During the time in the States, she joined the local art club and enjoyed weekly classes with a well-known artist from the area.