Sophie Patterson

"I experiment with different projects and yarns and I have found many different ways in which I can add little personal touch".

Sophie is a teenager from Cabrils and has been learning arts and crafts since she small. She’s been very passionate about trying out new hobbies and crochet has hooked her since day 1. She started crocheting at the beginning of 2020, where she began by making simple crochet patterns and learning basic crochet knowledge.

Sophie has taught herself everything and she has been totally self sufficient with her small local “business”. More recently, she has started making placemats in different colours so that everyone can enjoy a nice meal with a little ‘touch of Sophie’.

Sophie also loves painting with watercolours and she began making cards for Mother’s Day. From there she has branched out and has made her own designs. Even though the cards are simple, Sophie puts a lot of time and thought into them.