Olivia & Alexia Badia

Ohlala Barcelona
"We are aware of climate change and that is why with Ohlala Barcelona we wanted to contribute our grain of sand by creating a sustainable brand."

Ohlala Barcelona is a sustainable bikini brand created by two sisters; Olivia and Alexia Badia, who are both passionate about fashion. Olivia is studying at IED Barcelona for a degree in fashion, marketing and communication and Alexia is also studying at the same university in fashion design. They both share the same passions, and that is why they wanted to create something together.

Ohlala Barcelona was created in July 2021. Both Olivia and Alexia had finished the school year and they wanted to have a passion project together and thought; “Why don’t we create a bikini brand together?” And that was how it all started. The first Ohlala Barcelona collection was made up of one design in four different colours but at that time the brand was not sustainable.

For the second Ohlala Barcelona collection, Olivia and Alexia decided that everything had to be sustainable.

They came to the conclusion that the Econyl was a great option. Econyl is material manufactured by the Aquafil group made from nylon waste. It can be regenerated an unlimited number of times without compromising on quality, which means that it fits perfectly into the circular economy model. Econyl yarn helps correct the flow of global waste in landfills and oceans, since old fishing nets, carpets and industrial plastic are processed to make it.

All bikinis are designed and made with love so that you can enjoy an unforgettable summer.