Maria M.C.

Berserk Prints
‘My style does not pretend to be anything more than a diversion, a way of looking at the world in a more aesthetic, rose-coloured-way`.

After graduating in fashion and specialised in print design, Maria M.C. founded her creative studio ‘Berserk Prints’ in 2021. After several years working in the fast fashion industry she found the perfect way to mix her passion for pattern design and illustration.
In her studio experiments with different techniques and applies them to different fields, such as painting, textile decoration and illustration.

Maria has lived most of her life near the sea, on the ‘Costa Brava’ and, although she doesn’t paint landscapes, her creations are deeply influenced by the Mediterranean, by its luminosity and vibrant colours, so light and colour are fundamental in her work as well as texture. Her pieces possess a subtle but noticeable texture that brings a delicate energy to the final piece, soft enough not to interfere with the dialogue created by the colours, but necessary to align them with her personality.

Her pieces show mostly everyday scenes and objects, in a bright and optimistic colour palette. They are a celebration of the present, and a reminder of the magnificence of the everyday.