Alicia Catalá Hall

Noev Workshop
"I make every piece with love, and uniquely for one individual!"

Alicia is originally from Jávea, Alicante, but feels a little “catalan” as she has lived in Cataluña since 1999 and her two kids were born there also. She has a PhD in Spanish Filology and works in the University of Barcelona. She has always been very creative; her work has kept her imagination active as she has been creating and designing programs for years.

Alicia has always liked to live in Wonderland. When she was a young girl, she painted and wrote stories and tails. Through the years, she has continually had the urge to create something: and image, a painting, a story… but always kept it for herself.

After a period of silence in 2021 she felt the need of letting her mind fly. This time, she felt she wanted to design necklaces, bracelets, to combine stones, crystals, or beads with cord. She had the ideas and all the designs in her mind, so she started to move around to buy some beads, cords, and charms. She did a few courses of macrame and started to create her own jewellery. Each piece she creates is unique. She never does two necklaces the same. She makes them with love, and each one is made for one only person.

Alicia never thought it would go far, she just enjoyed making the pieces until one day a friend with a clothes shop offered her to sell them in her shop, and for her surprise she sold all the pieces. Since then, she continues making different jewels and has a few of loyal customers that buy her pieces, and this is how Noev_workshop began.